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We have a mechanized clearing operation that can clear cut anything from a quarter acre lot to over 100 acres.


How it works:


Smaller Lots: For smaller lots we use bobcat skid steers with brush mowers. First, we mow the underbrush, then we fell the trees and cut the limbs. Then, the logs are stacked to one side and the limbs to the other side. Finally, the chipper is brought to each brush pile and the brush is fed into the chipper with the bobcat. The remnants are then hauled away leaving no mess.


Larger Lots: First, the underbrush is mowed; then our fellerbuncher is used to cut the tree down. The trees are then stacked into piles for the skidder to grab. The skidder works behind the fellerbuncher dragging the piles of trees to a central spot where they are processed by a landing loader. Usable wood is cut off and separated according to grade and species. Limbs are cut off and stacked separately by the loader. Finally, the wood is hauled away and the whole tree chipper is brought in. The remaining limbs and tops are fed through the chipper which chips and blows the remnants into our 40ft chip trailers. The chips are then hauled away leaving no mess. This is ideal for areas where retail establishments will be built.

After we clear your lot we can pull all the stumps, grubb the debris, and haul the material back to our yard leaving you with a clean site to grade. Back in our yard, the stumps are then sheared and ground. We then reground and color the material for mulch. 
Usually instituted on projects where improving infrastructure (for reasons such as utilities, drainage, etc…) is needed. In this operation, certain trees and vegetation have to be cleared while protecting other trees and vegetation.
If you have trees that your crew cut and stacked out of the way, but need a way to get rid of them, a cost effective way to handle it is to have us come in with our whole tree chipper. We can grind that pile quickly and efficiently leaving your lot ready for the next phase of your project. We will also haul the chips away leaving no mess.
If you have a large piece of property but are not ready to develop it yet, we can show you some harvesting options which will allow you better access your property while putting money in your pocket.
Mowing the underbrush on a lot increases the lots value. Our mower can navigate around mature trees while reducing saplings and undergrowth to a coating of woodchips. This will give your property a park-like look, as well as, creating easy access for potential buyers and surveyors to navigate the property.

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